Episode 4

Published on:

10th Mar 2021


This episode features Rev. Dr. Nathan Brown, Senior Minister, & Casey Evans, Member, of Sandy Springs Christian Church. The topic was inspired by Casey's reading of Leviticus 25, which speaks about the tradition/law of the sabbaticals which occur every 7 years. This leads to the even more exotic 7 x 7 year Old Testament Hebrew tradition/law called the Jubilee (so on the 50th year). We deep dive into this tradition/law and how it is relevant and is present & interpreted in today's evermore interconnected world.

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Sandy Springs Christian Conversations
Conversations about community, congregation & our relationship with God.
A hope filled effort by & for the people of Sandy Springs Christian Church as a way to connect to and communicate with both people in our congregation and the greater Sandy Springs/Atlanta, Georgia community with positive conversations about our community & its relationship to God.
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